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From modest residences to historic churches and commercial campuses, SunStyle has been creating beautiful solar roofs since 2007. Understand how these clients integrated a SunStyle roof to achieve their design and energy-generation goals.

Case Studies

Innovatives ZiHaus: Architektur, Technik und Nachhaltigkeit vereint

Innovative ZiHaus: Architecture, Technology, and Sustainability United

16 April 2024

Solarziegel-single-family-house-bern-switzerland | SunStlye

Solar shingles aesthetically & technically optimally used | single-family house in Bern

16 December 2022

terracotta solar tiles-

Terracotta solar tiles on an 18th century house in France

30 November 2022

Google-Bay-View Dragonscale | SunStyle


15 November 2022

Haus B Single Family Home (Stuttgart, Germany)-shows solar shingles-SunStyle

Haus B Single Family Home (Stuttgart, Germany)

23 September 2021

1st Equity Bank, Illinois, USA

1st Equity Bank (Illinois, USA)

23 September 2021

Toit solaire d'un bâtiment à usage mixte, Zweisimmen, Suisse

Mixed-Use Building (Zweisimmen, Switzerland)

23 September 2021

Ecole maternelle

Kindergarten with solar roof (Ipsach, Switzerland)

23 September 2021

Toiture solaire d'une école maternelle, Ipsach, Suisse

Strand Church (Tau, Norway)

23 September 2021

Saint Charles International, la plus grande centrale solaire intégrée au monde

Saint-Charles International (Perpignan, France)

23 September 2021

Toit solaire complexe résidentiel, Bâle

Multi-Family Residential Complex (Basel, Switzerland)

23 September 2021

SunStyle | Single family residence with a complex solar roof

Single Family House (Küssnacht am Rigi, Switzerland)

23 September 2021

Toit solaire SunStyle sur une pépinière, Zuzgen, Suisse

Plant Nursery Storage (Zuzgen, Switzerland)

23 September 2021

Tuiles solaires sur le Restaurant d'altitude Ristis (Engelberg, Suisse)

Berglodge Restaurant Ristis (Engelberg, Switzerland)

23 September 2021

Église néo-gothique (Sarpsborg, Norvège), toiture solaire

Renovation of a neo-Gothic church (Sarpsborg, Norway)

23 September 2021

Toiture solaire d'une scierie en Suisse

Lumberyard (Switzerland)

23 September 2021

Chalet d'été et son toit SunStyle, Boltigen, Suisse

Vacation House (Boltigen, Switzerland)

23 September 2021

Positive energy house

Positive Energy House

23 September 2021