Max Energy Output

25 kWp

This is how SunStyle terracotta-coloured solar tiles perfectly complemented the rehabilitation of an eco-responsible property in 2021.

Terracotta solar tiles on an 18th century building in the countryside of Nice

Located in the countryside inland from Nice, the Domaine de La Plume (Raise group) is a unique place turned towards nature. Originally an 18th century bourgeois residence, the establishment welcomes professional groups for seminars, or individuals, in a setting conducive to disconnection. It also offers an experience combining well-being, manual work and learning in a permaculture farm school.

Located at the top of the Domaine de La Plume, the Pavillon de La Penne is an open building on 9 hectares of land with a view of the valley and the surrounding peaks of the Pré-Alpes d’Azur Regional Nature Park.
Its renovation has been rethought to combine eco-responsibility and sustainability.

An ecologically responsible project

Permaculture, farm-school and hotel… it is a unique ecological project in France that has taken shape in the south-east.

At the origin of this adventure are Clara Gaymar and Gonzague de Blignières (the co-founders of the Raise group), financiers who want to invest differently. On these 9 hectares of land, near the picturesque village of La Penne, they have the ambition to build a large farm-school whose only teacher would be nature! To create this permaculture space, they consulted the Austrian Joseph Holzer, a world reference in the field of natural agriculture.

A solar roof that fits naturally into the local architecture

It is in all eco-responsible logic that this old residence in the countryside will be equipped with a terracotta solar roof, a ground-breaking choice in the Alpes-Maritimes. The old roof tiles of the residence have been replaced by solar tiles, which produce decarbonated and renewable energy, thus contributing to the ecological transition. Manufactured in Châtellerault in the Vienne region of France, the innovative SunStyle solar tiles cover the pavilion’s four-sided roof. In addition, the management of rainwater via copper pipes contributes to a remarkable architectural harmony.

The 265 m2 Sunstyle solar roof has a capacity of 25 kWp. Before installing the solar tiles, the experts analysed the irradiance and shading of the roof. The final installation includes both active and inactive tiles arranged to achieve a uniform aesthetic. The roof consists of a top layer of interlocking solar tiles and a waterproof underlay. The tiles are sealed with waterproof joints for additional protection against the weather. This technology, which combines green electricity production, perfect waterproofing and aesthetics, will allow 80% of the electricity consumed by the building to be recovered. The 6 mm thick solar tile is similar to a textured glass sheet in the same colour as the clay tiles. “These materials are designed to withstand a hail storm of 45 mm in diameter,” say architects Paul Aster and Thierry Bottero.

The renovated Domaine de La Plume is an excellent example of the use of SunStyle terracotta solar roof tiles. The solar roof fits perfectly into an ecologically responsible project, developed in a region of traditional construction.

Terracotta solar tiles on an 18th century house in France – under construction