1st Equity Bank in Skokie, Illinois, is aiming for carbon neutrality. The U.S. Department of Energy defines a “carbon neutral” building (or “net-zero emissions” building) as a residential or commercial property that generates and provides at least as much renewable energy as it consumes in a year. Carbon neutral buildings are built according to two main characteristics:

  • Energy-efficient technologies that reduce energy demand.
  • Renewable energy sources, e.g. photovoltaic systems that supply at least as much energy as the building consumes in a year.

This goal will be achieved through a combination of sustainable energy practices and the use of renewable energy sources. The 1st Equity Bank is currently undergoing renovations. The source used to generate its energy consists of a SunStyle photovoltaic roof and solar panels covering the exterior walls of the building. This combination will collect enough energy to convert and use for the various energy-saving devices in the building. This includes all the computers as well as the entire electrical system. Finally, the energy generated by the building must cover all the energy consumption.

1st Equity Bank is going one step further. Future innovations include allowing people who drive electric cars to benefit from charging stations that will soon be installed in the bank’s parking lot.

1st Equity Bank’s mission is to move towards a better and greener future.