In the course of renovating this picturesque house with its complex solar roof, all optimally aligned surfaces were fitted with SunStyle solar roof tiles.

Küssnacht am Rigi is located in a quiet region of central Switzerland on Lake Lucerne and is a land steeped in history, once trodden by William Tell. The region is rich in architectural heritage. Sights include the Church of St. Peter and Paul, the Engel Restaurant with its half-timbered facade dating from 1592 and the ruins of Gessler Castle. In such a rich architectural context, the aesthetic quality of a renovation is of major importance.

A complex solar roof

Because of the roof’s unique shape, its varying pitches and angles, and its features that make it a complex solar roof – it features glass windows, vents and a dormer, among other things – conventional solar panels, which require large flat surfaces, were not an option. This is also the case with many picturesque houses in Switzerland’s architectural heritage. Often, owners are concerned not only with the complexity of their roof, but also with fitting their renovation into the aesthetic unity of the surroundings. The SunStyle solar roof tiles meet both of these requirements. They offer the technically and aesthetically perfect integrated solar roof solution.

SunStyle, the best technical solution

With the ability to install on even the most complex roofs, SunStyle proved to be the best technical solution for this family looking to achieve concrete solar energy goals. Thanks to inactive roof tiles (cut on site), SunStyle solar roof tiles offer a solution for all complex roofs, especially for those properties that do not have the large open spaces required for conventional solar panels.

Today, the complex SunStyle solar roof of this project, is a successful contribution to the goals of the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050.