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About Us


The production of renewable and sustainable energy is close to our hearts.

Our need for living space and mobility is increasing, as is our global energy demand. The combustion of oil, gas and coal as non-renewable energy sources and the resulting release of CO2 into the atmosphere are reasons for global climate change. The generation of electricity from uranium in nuclear power plants is also causing problems. The use of renewable energy sources such as the sun reduces dependence on non-renewable energy sources.

The energy optimization of buildings plays an important role. Energy-efficient buildings not only consume less energy but can also be used for energy generation. The use of roof surfaces and facades to generate solar power is an obvious solution. The aesthetics of our roofs is also an important consideration. Solar energy generation should not conflict with attractive roof landscapes and historical townscapes.

With the SunStyle® solar roof we have developed a versatile solution that is both a roofing material and a power plant. Thanks to new color-coating technology, SunStyle photovoltaic shingles can be produced in a variety of colors and surface textures. The roof as an architectural design element makes optimum use of building areas for the production of valuable solar power.

For more than 10 years, roofs with SunStyle power-generating shingles have been in use to the complete satisfaction of international clients. New roofs are constantly being added, promising electricity production for the coming decades. With these SunStyle systems we make our contributions to a sustainable power supply.

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In 2007, André Posnansky and his father Mario invented a beautiful, building-integrated photovoltaic roof. After several years of development and testing, their solar shingles were certified for installation throughout France and Switzerland. The company filed its first patent applications for their product, nicknamed “the dragon-scale solar roof.” In 2009, construction began on the world’s largest building-integrated solar power plant, Saint Charles International in Perpignan, France.

Starting in 2011, the founders began optimizing SunStyle’s energy output by incorporating active edge elements in place of passive edges, maximizing energy generation while maintaining a consistent look across the roof. In 2014, SunStyle’s building-integrated photovoltaics patent was granted and the company began international sales through distribution partners in Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, France and Germany.

In 2017, SunStyle® developed and certified photovoltaic color coating technology, expanding the product line to include terracotta-red and slate-grey solar tiles which would later be featured on the France Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. In 2019, SunStyle International SAS, headquartered in Paris, was created in partnership between SunStyle AG and Akuo Energy. SunStyle International is now responsible for sales and marketing in France, Spain, Portugal, Greece & Croatia.

In 2021, SunStyle expanded its international presence again with the creation of a US office focused on engineering, sales and delivery in North America.

About Us

Why Property Owners and Installation Partners Trust Us


Our solar roofing shingles have gained widespread acceptance across big cities and towns throughout Europe and in the United States. Over time, the quality of our products has earned us a remarkable status as the solar roofing company of choice among solar installers, architects, roofers and property owners.

Here are reasons why SunStyle solar roofing shingles stand out among other options on the market:

Compelling Aesthetic Appeal


The aesthetics of our solar roof matter to us, just as much as their functionality when it comes to power generation. We ensure that the solar energy generation functionality of the roof does not conflict with attractive roof landscapes. We offer downloadable BIM Objects to assist architects in rendering the SunStyle roof into their designs for proper planning and design.

With SunStyle, you can power your home or commercial building with powerful solar roofs and still achieve a solid aesthetic appeal that matches the overall design or architecture of the building. The diamond-shaped design of each tile gives the roof a great look when viewed up-close or from a distance, thereby complementing the natural beauty and intended architectural design of the property.. Want to learn more about installing a fully-integrated edge-to-edge solar roof on a new or existing property? Speak with one of our experts now.

Vast Industry Experience


Since inception in 2007, we have served different cities, towns, and communities, installing beautiful, power-generating solar roofs. Honestly, we have handled lots of different projects, spanning from residential, commercial, and industrial industries with varying roof shapes and sizes. You can expect the best when you choose SunStyle for your solar roof.

From modest residences to historic churches and commercial campuses, SunStyle has been creating beautiful solar roofs since 2007. To help you make the best choice, you can check our project gallery to understand how some of our clients integrated a SunStyle roof to achieve their design and energy-generation goals.



SunStyle solar roof shingles are durable, strong, and built to withstand all weather conditions. We have installed roofs that have stood the test of time; minimal maintenance and maximum output is what we guarantee you. Our solar roof tiles will last for decades. While giving you peace of mind in backup power protection, you can trust that the integrity of our solar roofs will remain for decades to come.

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Maximum Solar Production


SunStyle Solar roof tiles have been engineered to provide you with the most power generation capacity, as well as a durable structural roofing solution. Even on roofs with complicated architecture, solar shingles provide the best opportunity to generate the most energy possible for your home or commercial building. Our solar roof panels are designed to capture as much energy as possible from sunlight per exposure.

Energy Savings and Sustainability


With SunStyle solar roofs, you can get reliable and clean electricity for less. We provide you a solution that allows you to power your home or commercial building while reducing your carbon footprint and saving money on electricity. If you are able to generate a surplus of energy, most states offer net metering opportunities that can feed the energy back to the grid for a credit on your utility bill. Make your roof is an investment that pays for itself over time.

Streamlined Installation


SunStyle has a talented network of installers across the world. We believe our solar roof installers are an extension of our business, so we work together to ensure that they have the training and support needed to install SunStyle solar tiles. Our installer network is growing. We look forward to talking with solar installers and roofing experts that have BIPV as part of their future strategy and wish to include SunStyle in their portfolio of products to offer their customers.

Reliable Backup Power


When you install our solar roof shingle panels, you can choose to install a battery to store excess energy. Your solar installer will assist you in understanding the appropriate battery size based on your energy needs and potential excess. With solar battery storage, you can lessen your reliance on the utility grid by using stored energy during the night or when you’re using more energy than your solar system is generating at that time. While most solar roof systems are tied into the grid, battery storage still provides you with a clean energy backup for 24/7 energy security. one of the promises we can make is that you will never have to worry about having reliable backup protection when it comes to power in your home. Within minutes, you can switch to a standby SunStyle backup power supply for your home, a solution that provides you with 24/7 energy security.

Explore Your Solar Roofing Options with SunStyle


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