Energy Produced

65,000+ kWh/year



With the SunStyle solar roof system, this kindergarten generates more than 65,000 kWh per year – enough to power about five households for an entire year.

A solar roof for a kindergarten

Despite the kindergarten’s minimal roof pitch, the SunStyle solar roof system has remained extremely productive and watertight since its installation in 2016. Designed by Bauzeit Architekten, the two buildings’ solar roofs help promote the Energy City Ipsach initiative.

According to the architects of the project, the created space allows forgetting the complexity of the initial situation. The harmonious result is largely due to the materials used, but also to the play of colours that define the interior and exterior spaces.

The location of the kindergartens is characterised by the north-western hillside, which stretches all the way to the lake. The property is also adjacent to a residential area.
The kindergarten is located in the lowest, flattest and sunniest part of the property. This is the ideal location to achieve the optimum output from a solar roof. The volume and design of the project thus make optimal use of the surroundings in an ecological approach.

Complies with the Minergie P-Eco ecological standard.

The architects played with the diverse geometric arrangements of the building structures as well as with the colours. The different indoor and outdoor areas are easy to recognise and their alternation is intuitive. The intention was to provide the children with a playful and protected space that can give them an awareness of the neighbourhood and the community that exists in the area.

The wooden building stands on a concrete base. The gently angled roof is covered with SunStyle solar tiles. The building was constructed according to the Minergie-P-Eco standard with a photovoltaic roof system, solid wood, Swiss timber, FSC and HSH.

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