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How Much Energy Do Solar Shingles Produce?

Solar shingles are a visually appealing alternative to traditional solar panels—what do they really provide?

Solar shingles enhance the look of solar on your home or business, and this is why so many property owners are choosing them for new buildings, or reroofing existing ones. The benefits of solar energy generation are numerous. Solar shingles offer many of the same benefits as traditional solar panels, while maintaining an integrated look across the full roof. This solar option, called building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) is gaining popularity in the United States , but how much energy can they really produce? Let’s find out.

How Much Energy Do Solar Shingles Produce?

Do Solar Shingles Produce a Specific Amount of Energy?

There are many factors that determine the total energy production of a solar energy system. Every solar panel, or solar shingle, will provide a Nominal Output in Watts. Depending on the type of system you’re considering, the wattage will vary. Solar shingles may have a slightly lower nominal output due to their size, however, the overall system size of a solar roof can generate a comparable amount of energy as a rack-mounted solar system. When purchasing a solar roof system, your solar designer will be able to provide you with a system size and estimated energy offset based on your electricity usage.

Do Solar Shingles Work When the Sky is Cloudy?

Solar shingles perform best in direct sunlight, but that is not the only time they will collect energy. Solar shingles will still work on days when it is gray out, allowing you to generate clean energy and offset your energy bill year-round. When covered with snow, the output will decrease, but snow melts faster on the solar modules to return your system back to peak performance sooner after the storm.

The Takeaway

Choosing solar roof shingles is a great choice for homes and businesses that are being built or require a new roof. BIPV (building-integrated photovoltaics) solar roofs are becoming more popular across the US due to their ease of installation with one set of materials, compared to installing a new roof and then adding solar panels on top of the roof. While it is an investment up front, your roof will pay for itself over time. Property value, energy independence, and support for the planet–all of these benefits come with the addition of noteworthy and beautiful solar roof. To learn more about solar or the benefits that come with this premium roofing material, contact us today!

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