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How long do solar shingles last?

Compared to the traditional rack-mounted solar panels that you may be familiar with, solar shingles provide a sleeker, more modern upgrade by creating an edge-to-edge uniform aesthetic. This updated solar-powered option seeks to modernize both the design and durability of solar cell roofing systems, leading a new generation of sustainable design options for the eco-conscious homeowner.

With the use of solar shingle technology, homeowners can make an investment that helps them reduce their reliance on carbon-emitting energy for years to come. Since solar shingles are designed using high-quality, structurally-sound materials, they are built to last. Unlike some other models of solar power, solar roofs are the structural roof, and in some cases, even more durable than some standard roofing materials. 

Their overlapping design combined with inactive tiles keeps your property protected from outside elements, while achieving as high an energy output as possible. Despite harsh weather conditions, solar roofs stand the test of time. Take a deep dive into the longevity, durability, and efficiency of solar shingles and discover whether installing a solar roof is the right choice for you.

Longevity of Solar Roof Shingles

Solar roof shingles have an overall life expectancy of at least 30 years. Although the structural roof will outlast this estimate, their energy output will slowly decrease and eventually degrade over time. However, this is extremely typical for all industry-standard solar panel or shingle, as well as a standard roof. In fact, homeowners typically need to  every 25 to 30 years. 

A solar shingle roof will continue to generate some level of electricity, all while continuing to act as a shield from weather and debris for years after. Some solar roofs will even include product and performance warranties that outline the system’s rated power at a certain yearly threshold. 

For SunStyle, you can expect a solar shingle product guarantee of 25 years, a performance guarantee of 10 years at a 90% nominal output, and a performance guarantee of 25 years at an 80% nominal output.

Durability and Efficiency

What makes solar shingles last as long as a typical shingle roof? The material of solar shingles vary, but some are manufactured with hardened glass with photovoltaic cells. Although lighter weight than traditional solar panels, the manufacturing is extremely hardy, and is tested against fire, wind, and rain. With UL safety certifications, as well as Class-A fire ratings, solar shingles are a durable, safe, and weather-proof roofing choice.  Some solar shingles are rated against hail, which can decrease homeowner premiums.

Additionally, the architectural design of many solar shingles is quickly advancing them to the forefront of the solar market. They can be utilized for commercial, industrial and residential projects, and blend seamlessly into any residential home’s aesthetic. Solar shingles fit together tightly to form into one uniform design. 

Typically, it’s best to place solar cells along parts of the roof that receive the most sun. Since a solar shingle roof is composed of a mix of active and inactive shingles, this helps maximize roof coverage and power output. Depending on the system size, the mix of active and inactive shingles can be modified to accommodate the desired size.

In terms of efficiency, solar shingles are created from industry-leading material with the highest efficiency. A solar shingle roof can help convert energy at a high conversion rate of up to 17 percent. Compared to other solar energy options, which have conversation rates of anywhere from 10 to 15 percent on average, solar shingles are a worthwhile solar energy investment.

Installing a Solar Roof

Unfortunately, a do-it-yourself install is not possible for a solar roof. Most solar roofing systems require the knowledge of a skilled installer with roofing and solar shingle installation expertise. A roofing contractor, however, can easily learn how to fit and install solar shingles onto a residential home or commercial building with support of a licensed solar installer. 

If you are interested in SunStyle solar shingles for your home, SunStyle can identify an installer in your area, or you can connect us with your contractor of choice. We provide specialized training on SunStyle solar shingle installation from the solar design through installation. 

Whether you’re looking to replace your current shingle roof with a more eco-conscious option or are planning a new construction project, SunStyle can help design your solar roofing system. Make a sustainable investment choice today by contacting SunStyle for all your solar shingle options. We’ll help you find a durable, efficient solar choice that will last for years to come.

For more information about SunStyle’s solar roof, visit sunstyle.com 

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