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Are Solar Shingles Worth It

Are Solar Shingles Worth the Price Tag?

If you’re a homeowner in Colorado and interested in switching to solar energy, you’re in luck. The state’s nearly 300 days of sunny weather results in the perfect conditions for a residential solar system.

Solar roof shingles are just one of the up-and-coming solar trends that are taking off. Like solar panels, solar shingles generate solar power for your home, while also providing the protection of traditional roofing shingles. Learn more about this new type of solar technology and whether installing solar roof shingles is right for you.

Are solar shingles worth it?

Solar Shingles Overview

Never heard of solar shingles? Let’s review this type of solar energy system. A relatively new technology, solar shingles are a type of durable and long-lasting solar energy generator. Similar to solar panels, they are positioned on the roof of your home. Unlike panels, however, they are both structural roofing material and solar energy in one building material. You no longer need to place traditional shingles and then add solar panels on top.

Their size and shape make them much more lightweight, making a solar roof easy to install for trained installers.. Despite their size, a solar roof can generate approximately the same amount of solar energy as traditional rack-mounted panels. They are also designed to withstand harsh weather like hail and snow. This makes them one of the premier choices for energy-efficient technology.

Top Benefits of Solar Shingles

Solar roof shingles have a few similarities to the traditional solar panel, but their benefits truly stand out upon comparison. Many homeowners prefer solar shingles over panels because they are more aesthetically pleasing and blend seamlessly into the home’s design. Solar roofs are created using a blend of active solar shingles and inactive glass shingles, so you can place active solar energy generating modules on my surface areas of the roof than you could with traditional panels.

Solar shingles can be installed at any time, but are a great option for new buildings or property owners looking to replace their roof soon. The sleek design of solar shingles pairs well with most property styles and increases curb appeal.

Other Things to Consider

If you’re still wondering whether solar roof shingles are worth it, consider the following factors.

Cost: Solar shingles typically cost about the same amount as a premium roof, plus rack-mounted solar panels. A few items that impact price are the size, slope, and pitch of your roof, as well as installation pricing in your area. If you’re in the process of building a new home or looking to replace your current roof in the near future, consider budgeting a little extra upfront for this solar power upgrade. The extra investment will provide substantial payoff for the duration of the roof’s life.

Longevity: Solar shingles can last more than 30 years, about 10 years longer than a regular asphalt roof. Solar power energy products typically function at full-capacity for around 20 years and then begin to gradually decline over time, but still produce electricity for the life of the shingles. With a solar roof, you’ll be saving a lot more on your energy consumption to reduce or even eliminate energy bills during this time.

Investment: Making the choice to go solar is a big decision. This investment does show a payoff for many property owners in 8-10 years. Additionally, solar roofing features adds value to a home when selling. Studies show that buyers are willing to pay up to $15,000 more for solar roofing features, according to the Department of Energy.

Ultimately, you’ll have to decide whether solar roof shingles or traditional solar panels are the right energy-efficient choice for your Colorado home. For more information on how to install solar shingles, and for the most affordable range of solar options, contact SunStyle.

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