Energy Produced

2,000+ homes/year


750,000 sf
10,700,000 kWh/year



An asbestos roof converted into a building integrated solar power (BIPV) plant.

Saint-Charles International in Perpignan, southern France, is the largest logistics centre for the transport of fruit and vegetables in Europe. It distributes fresh, globally grown produce daily to all markets on the European continent. In 2009, its shareholders came together to replace the original asbestos-filled roof. It was decided to focus on green energy generation and replace the old asbestos roof with a SunStyle solar roof. So the warehouses were converted and in 2011 became the largest building integrated solar power (BIPV) plant in the world.

Saint-Charles’ SunStyle solar roof prevents the emission of 624 tonnes of CO2 annually.  This offsets the emissions caused by the fleet of refrigerated trucks that pass through the logistics centre every day. Year after year, Saint-Charles International’s integrated solar power plant has exceeded all expectations by surpassing the original indicators.

An integrated solar power plant which benefits the whole city.

Thanks to the logistics centre’s eco-friendly orientation, the entire city of Perpignan benefits from the surplus energy generated by the huge integrated solar power plant. Comparatively, this is equivalent to more than 2,000 homes and covers the energy needs of more than 10,000 residents of the Catalan city.
Saint-Charles International’s logistics platform has thus become a global example of building-integrated solar, and everyone is delighted with the renewable energy it generates. By opting for solar roofs that are not only powerful but also much more aesthetically pleasing, the logistics site is actively contributing to the city of Perpignan’s goal of becoming a city with a positive energy balance. And in a broader sense, this site is fully in line with the objectives of sustainable development in Europe.

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