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What Are Solar Shingles Made Of?

Learn how your roof’s shingles can also produce solar power.

Every day, the solar industry is introducing exciting new products. Everything from backpacks to solar-powered boats can be found online, and each of these items runs on solar panels. Today, solar shingles are proving to be the next evolution of solar roofing options, but one look at them will show you that they are different than their predecessors. Let’s explore solar shingles and the materials involved in making them.

what is a solar shingle made of

The Solar Shingles Design

Though solar shingles can do everything that solar panels can do, there is no mistaking the fact that they look quite a bit different. These sleek shingles that create a fully-integrated roof are considered a huge advancement from bulky rack-mounted rooftop solar options, and most homeowners prefer the way that they look–but what really goes into them?

Semiconductor Materials

At the heart of all solar panels is a semiconductor. Semiconductors are a type of material that offers energy conversion. This is how we can take sunlight and turn it into energy that your home or commercial property can use. These materials are important, and the efficiency rate that they offer plays a key role in determining the amount of energy that we receive from them.

Solar shingles are made using specific materials, like high-efficiency PERC mono-crystalline photovoltaic (PV)  technology. Our solar modules offer a high energy conversion rate, allowing for beauty and power, without compromise. Some alternatives are made using other materials, and we will likely see new materials being introduced as they gain traction.

A Stronger Surface

Unlike some solar panels, solar shingles are considered to be exceptionally durable. They have the convenience of being an actual part of the roof itself, which makes them better equipped to handle harsh weather conditions and other common risks associated with solar panels.

Most solar shingles are designed to be waterproof with designs to easily shed water, and use waterproof underlayments to add extra protection. Different solar manufacturers use different methods to keep solar shingles safe from moisture.

Every Product Varies

It is important to understand that solar shingles are already being introduced from different solar and roofing companies, and more companies are entering the market. As new brands join the scene, we can expect to see subtle variations in design and efficiency–for better or worse. The best way to find solar shingles that will meet your preferences and needs is to do your research before you invest in a solar roofing system. Look into the materials and reviews to ensure that you are spending money on solar shingles that you can trust!

The Takeaway

More homeowners are looking for solar solutions, and there is simply no denying that there are countless benefits to making this investment. If you have been looking for an opportunity to go solar but find yourself struggling to cope with those bulky panels, solar shingles might be exactly what you have been waiting for. This is one innovation that can have some incredible savings and help you reduce your carbon footprint, so don’t hesitate to learn more about solar roof shingles by contacting us today!

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