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The Advantages of a SunStyle Solar Roof

Discover the world of solar energy with SunStyle: combining aesthetics, efficiency, and durability in one system. From the aesthetic design inspired by the slate roofs of the Swiss Alps to the proven international experience and robust structure that withstands even the most extreme weather conditions, SunStyle is the perfect choice for your solar roof. Learn more about the unique advantages and possibilities that SunStyle offers.

Energy Independence with Solar Energy: Sustainability, Independence, and Profitability

From sustainable construction that protects our environment to the independence of a solar roof and profitability by reducing electricity costs and self-amortization – solar solutions offer you maximum autonomy and are a long-term investment in your building’s energy efficiency.

Sustainable Construction: Solar energy is an environmentally friendly and emission-free energy source.


Installing a solar system in conjunction with a heat pump can effectively replace a conventional oil heating system. By generating sustainable electricity directly on your own roof, the economic potential of a building is significantly increased.

Independence: A SunStyle solar roof allows for maximum autonomy.


By integrating a storage solution, the generated solar power can also be used at night or in bad weather. A heat pump and additional intelligent controls (smart home) significantly contribute to maximizing self-consumption.

Profitability: Lower electricity costs with solar energy.


A solar system sustainably reduces electricity costs and pays for itself. Compared to conventional roofs, a solar roof generates electrical energy over the years, allowing owners to even earn income from selling excess electricity.

A SunStyle solar roof is a long-term and energy-efficient investment for any building.

Roof integration is the future of solar.

SunStyle replaces conventional tiles, protects against the elements, and is adaptable to almost any roof surface.Thanks to the frameless design, solar tiles clean themselves, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also saves valuable resources and reduces the carbon footprint. With a selection of color options, including terracotta red, terracotta brown, terracotta orange, and slate gray, SunStyle combines modern technology with traditional design. The flexible and easy installation makes it an ideal solution for roof renovations and helps reduce maintenance efforts.

Seamlessly integrated: SunStyle replaces conventional tiles, is waterproof, and requires very little maintenance.


Unlike on-roof solar systems that need to be installed on the existing roof, SunStyle replaces conventional tiles. The solar system includes active solar modules and edge elements that visually ensure a homogeneous roof structure and protect the building from the elements. SunStyle is adaptable to almost any roof surface, saving building materials and increasing property value. Especially for roof renovations, BIPV (Building-Integrated Photovoltaics) is the ideal solution. SunStyle’s solution stands out with very low maintenance requirements.

Frameless: The frameless design combines perfect aesthetics with optimal self-cleaning while saving valuable resources.


Compared to conventional on-roof and some in-roof solar systems, SunStyle does not require aluminum frames. This not only offers significant aesthetic advantages but also supports the self-cleaning of the solar modules. The protruding frames of conventional solar modules need regular cleaning as trapped leaves or dirt can negatively impact performance or even the lifespan of the system.

SunStyle’s frameless solar modules self-clean regularly thanks to their design, through rain showers or storms.

Lastly, the frameless design massively reduces the carbon footprint of the entire product.

Coloured Solar Modules: With innovation and the latest technology, the solar roof becomes colourful.


For certain applications, conventional on-roof solar systems may be unsuitable, especially if homeowners or other involved parties such as heritage conservation authorities or associations for the protection of the local image prefer a high-quality solution.

Through the latest technologies and the effort to combine environmental protection and aesthetics, SunStyle offers various colour options. In addition to the standard color black, four additional specific colors have been developed:

Terracotta Red: Red roofs have long been popular and give houses a traditional yet striking appearance. Terracotta Red is an ideal choice for many single-family and multi-family houses.

Terracotta Orange: An orange roof can make a house stand out visually and give it a unique and vibrant appearance. Orange roofs are particularly suitable for Mediterranean or Southern European architectural styles and can convey a sense of warmth and tradition.

Terracotta Brown: The color brown stands for security, stability, and reliability. Brown roofs often harmonize well with natural landscapes, especially in rural or wooded areas, and blend in well with the surroundings. Brown roofs appear classic and timeless, matching various architectural styles and remaining attractive over the years.

Slate Gray: The look resembles a slate roof and perfectly harmonizes with the geometry of the SunStyle system. In this way, the roof combines technology with a centuries-old tradition. It gives the house a modern and stylish appearance.

Flexible & easy installation: Installation is straightforward and time-saving.


The tiles are directly screwed onto a suitable substructure made of wood or stainless steel on the sub-roof. The size and weight of the solar roof tiles are designed so that they can be laid by a single roofer. The electrical connections on the back of the solar tiles allow for simple and secure wiring, which takes place directly during roof installation.

By combining active edge modules and visually identical roof panels, the installer can flexibly respond to unforeseen situations on site.

SunStyle: The ultimate choice for aesthetic, proven, and robust BIPV solutions

SunStyle embodies aesthetics, experience, and robustness in a BIPV system. Inspired by the slate roofs of the Swiss Alps, SunStyle offers a unique look and over 15 years of international experience. With an exceptional structure that provides protection and resistance to extreme weather conditions, it is the reliable solution for any building.

Aesthetics: SunStyle is visually the most beautiful BIPV system. Period.


Inspired by the traditional slate shingle roofs of the Swiss Alpine region, the dragon scale pattern is exceptionally aesthetic. The incomparable geometry, the frameless modules, and their complete coverage ensure a unique appearance.

Proven: Years of international experience.


SunStyle has been on the market for over 15 years, and more than 600,000 solar tiles have already been installed. The SunStyle system is sold in Europe, North America, and Australia. Numerous systems have already been installed in Switzerland alone.

Robust: The solar roof for the highest demands.


SunStyle combines a structural roof with solar modules into a robust solution. It offers a durable and weatherproof photovoltaic roof that not only looks beautiful but also provides protection.

SunStyle solar roof tiles are more resistant than most conventional roofing materials, even under extreme weather conditions such as hail, snow, rain, and strong winds. The system works reliably at any altitude and in all weather conditions.

Manufacturing & Quality: Highest quality developed in Switzerland.


The SunStyle solar tile was developed to be energy-efficient and durable.
The robust, frameless glass-glass modules, seamless integration, and well-thought-out system, combined with our many years of expertise, make the SunStyle photovoltaic roof tile an extremely durable building element.

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