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The partnership with architects, Sunstyle is by your side throughout the project!

A solar roof project requires a combination of the expertise of the architect, the roofer, and the electrician. SunStyle is there to advise you throughout the entire architectural project. In search of a roofing solution that is environmentally friendly as well as sustainable and aesthetically pleasing, the architect contacts the SunStyle team. Usually, the architect is also the contractor of the project to be designed.

Procedure of the accompanying phases:

For the preparation of the feasibility study, SunStyle provides the required information. (Much of this information is also published directly on our website).

  • The weather resistance (resistance to hail, snow, etc.).
  • The technical characteristics of the product:
    • System performance/energy efficiency of the SunStyle product (kWp vs. kWh).
    • Pressure load (e.g. snow)
    • Roof pitch
    • Raintightness
  • All information from the data sheet
  • The aesthetic characteristics
    • The shape of the tiles
    • The colours of the solar tiles offered
    • The reflective behaviour
    • The elements for the roof finish
  • Price per m2

In addition, SunStyle prepares a cost estimate for additional work in connection with the planned project.

If there is interest in cooperation after consultation with the customer (client), SunStyle prepares a project report that serves as a reference document. This preliminary draft is presented to the client or is used for a tender or competition. These documents, which are refined as needed, additionally enable the architects to prepare the building permit application, which is reviewed by the authorities.

The Sunstyle project report contains:

  • The visualisation of the roof surface.
  • The layout and instructions for the installation.
  • The budget planning (materials, transport, assembly).
  • The structural calculations of the solar roof project (effective PV area, power of the installation).
  • The parts list (battens, solar roof tiles, mounting parts) for the partner installers.
Planning-Instruction-Solarpanels-Architects | SunStlye

Excerpt project report

Planning-Instruction-Solarpanels-Architects | SunStlye

Excerpt project report

Planning-Instruction-Solarpanels-Architects | SunStlye

Realisation Project report

Planning-Instruction-Solarpanels-Architects | SunStlye

Realisation Project report

In addition, we prepare a cost estimate for additional work related to the planned project.

As the project progresses, we provide you with the technical information you need to define the detailed design, such as:

  • Proposals for edge finishes, and sheet details (depending on the material), at SunStyle many detailed or standard proposals are available.
  • The cut-outs: Skylights, chimneys, vents, etc.
  • Numerous detailed or standard suggestions are available from SunStyle.
  • Safety elements: Notice of danger of falling during maintenance and repair work on public buildings.
  • Fire protection
  • Lightning protection (special consolidation materials).

After obtaining the building permit and in preparation for the implementation of the architectural design, the architect carries out a tender for the installation to select the installer.

SunStyle works in partnership with qualified roofers and solar installers around the world. We coach and select our partners to ensure that each roof is built to exact specifications that have been tested and proven over 10 years of installations. If you already have a roofer or solar installer in mind, we are happy to add them to our partner network.

Why do architects value Sunstyle solar roofs?

  • A solar roof is a sustainable solution that offers an answer to today’s environmental problems (read, for example, the case study on this House B designed by architect Stefan Behnisch).
  • Because of the aesthetic benefits of a SunStyle solar roof, which adds to the architectural value of the building.
  • Because the colour palette of SunStyle roof tiles, unlike solar panels, allows for harmonious integration into the architectural environment, as in this Swiss chalet or this 18th century house in the South of France.

Architecture is a living culture that has evolved over time on a solid foundation. In the 1st century BC, Vitruvius defined it as “The ability to combine the pursuit of strength, utility and beauty”. In the 21st century, SunStyle solar roof tiles fulfil these three functions perfectly.

You are an architect and would like to learn more? Contact our dedicated team!

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