Expectations of the energy performance of buildings will continue to increase. At the same time, we want to move away from fossil fuels and nuclear energy, and towards renewable energy sources. A fully integrated solar roof that converts clean and unlimited solar energy into electrical energy stays takes this trend into account. The SUNSTYLE® solar roof connects the two objectives in a harmonious manner: first, as a high quality construction element, it offers sustainable weather protection; and, second, it enables efficient electricity production over the entire roof surface.


«With its fish-scale pattern, the SUNSTYLE® solar roof is reminiscent of the centuries-old slate roof.»
With its fish-scale pattern, the SUNSTYLE® solar roof is reminiscent of the centuries-old slate roof.
Our aim is to ensure that appearance of the roofscape is maintained. The traditional slate and shingle roofs in the Alpine region inspired the design of the diamond-shaped pattern. This installation principle guarantees optimal water-tightness and stability of the roof. The installation pattern and the seamless adaptation to the individual roof shape create a harmonious structure. In addition, the new solar tiles in brick red and slate grey are an excellent match for roofs clad with brown-red clay tiles and grey fibre cement tiles. The SUNSTYLE® solar roof has an extremely low construction height and can be integrated stylishly into any building.

Product range

«Thanks to the broad range of components, it is possible to achieve a homogeneous roof structure and high efficiency.»
Solarziegel in Solarschwarz, Ziegelrot und Schiefergrau

Solar tiles in solar black, brick red and slate grey

Coloured solar tiles in brick red and slate grey are a new addition to the range. They bring new possibilities in colour design and architectural integration of the solar roof. The surface of the brick-red and slate-grey solar tiles is made from structured solar glass, optimised for light transmission, which improves the colour perception from different viewing angles.

In addition to the basic tiles, tiles without solar cells for roof areas not exposed to the sun and transparent glass tiles to bring natural light into the building are also available. Edge tiles, which result in the ideal roof finish and also produce electricity, complete the product range. The system can be adapted perfectly to special roof shapes using colour-matched aluminium composite panels, which can be cut to size on site.

the world’s largest building-integrated solar power plant  Saint Charles Solair Perpignan (France)


«The continuous development of solar energy supply is what drives us.»
The large-scale launch of the SUNSTYLE® solar roof took place as part of the Saint Charles Solair power plant project in Perpignan (France). The existing solar systems were not attractive from either a design or technical perspective. To ensure the technical and economic feasibility of the Saint Charles Solair project in Perpignan, SOLAIRE SUISSE developed the SUNSTYLE® solar roof as a reliable and easy-to-use roof system. As a fully integrated solution, SUNSTYLE® replaced the existing roof membrane, thus ensuring lasting weather protection. The SUNSTYLE® solar roof was so persuasive that the entire 68,000 m² of warehouse roof surfaces in Perpignan were renovated. With an output of nine megawatts, the world’s largest building-integrated solar power plant gives an impressive demonstration of the potential of energy-producing building materials.

The continuous development of the solar roof and the integration of technical innovations has made available a patented solar roof that sets new standards.

Manufacture and quality

The SUNSTYLE® solar tile was developed as an energy-efficient, long-lasting construction element. The crystalline solar cells integrated into the tile are embedded in a flexible, stabilising layer of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). They are protected on the front by hardened solar glass, and on the back by either a layer of resistant plastic (Tedlar) or hardened safety glass (ESG). All these factors combined with many years of expertise make SUNSTYLE® an extremely long-lasting construction element.

The coloured solar tiles are pigmented on the inside of the front glass using a specially developed technology. Thanks to the use of UV-stable pigments, this enables long-lasting, colour-fast modules to be manufactured. The internal pigment layer also ensures that the self-cleaning function of the glass surface is maintained. The solar tiles are produced in both glass-film and glass-glass designs and are based on proven standard components.

Quality and Certification IEC 61215, IEC 61730 (protection class II)
External product validation CSTB (Centre Scientique et Technique du Bâtiment)
Snow load testing (SUPSI) Snow load: >15,4 kN/m2 at slope 0 – 30°
Coloured glas-glas tiles IEC 61215, IEC 61730, UL 1703, IEC 61701, IEC 62716


Installation - Robust and accessible - SUNSTYLE solar roof The solar tiles are screwed directly into the sub-roof structure using a fitted sub-construction made of wood or stainless steel. The size and weight of the solar tiles are designed in such a way that it takes only one roofer to lay them. The electrical connectors on the back of the solar tiles ensure foolproof and safe cabling, which can be done at the same time as installation of the roof.

Maintenance and WARRANTY

The solar tiles do not have any frames: this is not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because it allows the roof to be cleaned naturally by the rain. So long as no snow fences or snow guards are needed, snow does not last on the roof for long, which increases electricity production in winter. The solar roof is largely maintenance-free. However, should a defect occur, we will be pleased to assist you.   

Product warranty 10 Years
Power warranty 90 % up to 10 Years, 80 % up to 25 Years
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