«The production of renewable and sustainable energy is close to our hearts.»
André Posnansky, CEO and Owner SUNSTYLE LTD

Our need for living space and mobility is increasing, as is our global energy demand. The combustion of oil, gas and coal as non-renewable energy sources and the resulting release of CO2 into the atmosphere are reasons for global climate change. The generation of electricity from uranium in nuclear power plants is also causing problems. The use of renewable energy sources such as the sun reduces dependence on non-renewable energy sources.

The energy optimization of buildings plays an important role. Energy-efficient buildings not only consume less energy but can also be used for energy generation. The use of roof surfaces and facades to generate solar power is an obvious solution. The aesthetics of our roofs is also an important consideration. Solar energy generation should not conflict with attractive roof landscapes and historical townscapes.

With the SUNSTYLE® solar roof we have developed a versatile solution that is both a roofing material and a power plant. Thanks to the new color technology, SUNSTYLE® photovoltaic shingles can be produced in a variety of colors and surface structures. The roof as an architectural design element makes optimum use of the built-up areas for the production of valuable solar power.

For more than 10 years, roofs with SUNSTYLE® power-generating shingles have been in use to the complete satisfaction of international clients. New roofs are constantly being added and they will produce electricity for the coming decades. With these SUNSTYLE® systems we make our contributions to a sustainable power supply.

André Posnansky


The history of SUNSTYLE®

«SUNSTYLE® milestones: from the idea to today.»


    • SUNSTYLE AG enters into a partnership with 3S Solar Plus to share colour technology.
    • Foundation of SUNSTYLE INTERNATIONAL SAS, headquartered in Paris, together with AKUO ENERGY. SUNSTYLE INTERNATIONAL is now responsible for international marketing and sales. SUNSTYLE AG continues to handle marketing and sales in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia and the US.
    • Expansion of the SUNSTYLE® solar roof product range to include brick-red and slate-grey solar tiles.


    • Partnership with SAINT GOBAIN on the industrial application of colour technology.
    • SUNSTYLE enters into a partnership with OVOTO and SOLAR NORGE, responsible for marketing and sales of the solar roof in Norway and Sweden.
  • 2017

    Development and certification of colour technology for pigmentation of solar modules.



    Merger of SOLAIRE SUISSE AG and SUNSTYLE AG. Worldwide marketing and sales of the solar roof are handled exclusively by SUNSTYLE AG.



    SOLAIRE SUISSE VERTRIEBS LTD Schönbuhl becomes SUNSTYLE LTD in Ostermundigen. It is responsible for national and international sales of solar roofs to distribution partners.



    Patents granted for the SUNSTYLE® solar roof



    Extension of the Lauper pilot installation with thermal components to generate hot water with the same solar roof



    • Expansion of the product range with edge elements that can be individually cut to size product range
    • Introduction of a prefabricated wood roof substructure
    • Construction completed on the Saint Charles Solaire power plant in Perpignan


    • Registration of the SUNSTYLE® brand
    • Optimisation of the passive edge elements with electricity-generating edge elements product range


    • Certification of the solar tile and/or solar roof: EN 61215 (solar tile), ATEx (Avis Technique des CSTB, centre scientific et technique du bâtiment) technical specifications
    • Construction begins on the world’s largest building-integrated solar power plant, Saint Charles Solaire in Perpignan (France), with an area of 68,000 m²


    • Construction of the Lauper pilot installation in Gasel, which won the Swiss Solar Prize.
    • Patent application


    • Development team established under the leadership of the Posnansky family.
    • First projects in France and Switzerland under the name SOLAIRE FRANCE and SOLAIRE SUISSE, respectively

News archive


NEWSApril 2019

Church unites tradition and future.

Sarpsborg, the third oldest town in Norway and today an industrial town, has a rich cultural heritage, which also includes the town church from 1862. At the beginning of 2019, the roof of the neo-Gothic church was renovated with SUNSTYLE® solar shingles. The church in the centre thus becomes a symbol of the interplay of tradition and future.

Solar roof replaces the traditional shingle roof

NEWSJune 2018

SUNSTYLE at alpine heights.

Thanks to two completed renovations of hotel roofs at alpine heights, our SUNSTYLE® solar tiles can prove their durability under extreme weather conditions. They have been producing clean electricity on the Grimsel Pass and the Fiescheralp for over a year at an altitude of more than 2000 metres above sea level. 

Robust solar roof Hotel Grimsel Pass

NEWSMarch 2018

Photovoltaics meets Color.

The SUNSTYLE® photovoltaic shingles can now be produced in a multitude of colors. As part of our partnership with SAINT GOBAIN, SUNSTYLE LTD has developed an innovative color technology which allows us to produce photovoltaic shingles in multiple colors and with various surface structures. Your imagination is almost the only limit. We are looking forward to your ideas. Please contact us for more information.

various colors

NEWSJanuary 2017


Celebrate with us! Thanks to our many happy customers, this year we will be celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the SUNSTYLE solar roof. Our solar roof started with one major project in France, and is now installed on countless rooftops across Europe and the USA. Read more about the SUNSTYLE success story …


NEWSAugust 2016

Electricity from the nursery school.

Solar energy for the youngest generation. With a colourful façade and efficient SUNSTYLE® solar roof, the two nursery school buildings developed by Bauzeit Architekten have something special for both the little ones and the Energy City Ipsach initiative. The 700 solar tiles with a total capacity of over 70 kWp generate approximately 65,000 kWh of solar energy annually.

Nursery school in Ipsach

NEWSJune 2016

Solar energy from the Vaud Alps.

Maintaining the harmonious townscape of Château d’Œx: Lutz Architekten succeeded in this mission using SUNSTYLE® solar roof panels with full-coverage integration for the multi-family chalets. This is how traditional wooden constructions were built as energy-plus houses.

Solar energy from the Vaud Alps with SUNSTYLE®.

NEWSApril 2016

SUNSTYLE wins Swiss Solar Prize.

With a power supply of 225 %, a single-family home in Ormalingen produces far more energy than it requires. This was achieved through the restoration of the facade and roof with sustainable materials such as wood and SUNSTYLE solar tiles.

Single-family home in Ormalingen (Switzerland) with SUNSTYLE solar tiles.

NEWSNovember 2016

Close to Heaven.

Even the Strand parish in southern Norway relies on solar power. The nave of the white, 19th century wooden church has been fitted with SUNSTYLE® solar panels on the roof. These resemble the structure of traditional Norwegian roof shingles.

Church in the Strand municipality (Norway)

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