This is how we understand sustainability

Sustainable energy supply is our number one priority. A fully integrated solar roof performs better than a rooftop system with respect to grey energy since the conventional roof is eliminated. Considerably less energy is required to manufacture the solar roof than it generates: after only three to four years, the solar roof will have paid for itself in energy. In addition, we produce only the number of tiles needed for the current installation, allowing us to continuously increase the efficiency of the solar tiles with technological advances. Old elements can be replaced and are compatible with new ones, which means we can guarantee the highest availability in the future.


«The production of renewable and sustainable energy is close to our hearts.»
André Posnansky, CEO and Owner SUNSTYLE LTD

Our need for living space and mobility is increasing, as is our global energy demand. The combustion of oil, gas and coal as non-renewable energy sources and the resulting release of CO2 into the atmosphere are reasons for global climate change. The generation of electricity from uranium in nuclear power plants is also causing problems. The use of renewable energy sources such as the sun reduces dependence on non-renewable energy sources.

The energy optimization of buildings plays an important role. Energy-efficient buildings not only consume less energy but can also be used for energy generation. The use of roof surfaces and facades to generate solar power is an obvious solution. The aesthetics of our roofs is also an important consideration. Solar energy generation should not conflict with attractive roof landscapes and historical townscapes.

With the SUNSTYLE® solar roof we have developed a versatile solution that is both a roofing material and a power plant. Thanks to the new color technology, SUNSTYLE® photovoltaic shingles can be produced in a variety of colors and surface structures. The roof as an architectural design element makes optimum use of the built-up areas for the production of valuable solar power.

For more than 10 years, roofs with SUNSTYLE® power-generating shingles have been in use to the complete satisfaction of international clients. New roofs are constantly being added and they will produce electricity for the coming decades. With these SUNSTYLE® systems we make our contributions to a sustainable power supply.

André Posnansky



Expectations of the energy performance of buildings will continue to increase. At the same time, we want to move away from fossil fuels and nuclear energy, and towards renewable energy sources. A fully integrated solar roof that converts clean and unlimited solar energy into electrical energy stays takes this trend into account. The SUNSTYLE® solar roof connects the two objectives in a harmonious manner: first, as a high quality construction element, it offers sustainable weather protection; and, second, it enables efficient electricity production over the entire roof surface.
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